Code Cards: Handmade Holiday Cards for Nerds


Tue, Nov 29th, 2011 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

Made using an old-fashioned letterpress, Code Cards are holiday greeting cards for nerds. From Egg Nog Arrays all the way to wishing you a CSS Happy New Year -- in Futura, no less.

Web workers today toil at their workstations with little knowledge of their forebears who, centuries ago, set variables and arrays by hand in wood and metal type. These analog developers printed code in small batches on behemoth presses made of cast iron. While the process was massively inefficient and fraught with peril -- "debugging" referred to the risky practice of reaching into a moving press to scrape an insect off the ink rollers -- one can still find old-timers who speak wistfully of the precise, tactile qualities of letterpress printed code.

Code Cards connect today's digital developers with the analog coders of yesteryear. Celebrate your digital heritage with greeting cards featuring old-fashioned, letterpress printed code.



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