"We Are the 1 Percent. 100% Proud."



Mon, Nov 21st, 2011 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

The OccupyOccupyWallStreet calls itself "the voice of the 1%" and proclaims that "we will no longer be silenced."

From their site:

Comprised of investment bankers in the wealthiest 1%, Occupy Occupy Wall Street's displays of solidarity will continue to occur periodically in Liberty Square to protest "Occupy Wall Street." Since their movement began on October 5th , #OOWS has gained the support of thousands of investment bankers across the country. "To be angry at the wealthiest Americans for their success is simply childish jealousy from those who have failed to create the same opportunities themselves," representative John Selvig states. "America is not kindergarten; there are winners and losers. This is a country where if you work hard in the right field you can become extremely wealthy. We are proud of that wealth and will not sit back and watch a group slander it in our own backyard. We will not stop until #OOWS out-occupies the occupiers." This movement believes that "The system is not broken and we will fight, at all costs, to maintain the status quo. We are the 1% and we are 100% proud!"



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