Why Low Grade Maple Syrup Offers a Decidedly Superior Flavor


Wed, Nov 9th, 2011 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

In this article in The Atlantic, Yoni Appelbaum looks at the historical reasons why cheaper costing real maple syrup tastes better than the more expensive grades.

The market for maple syrup offers an odd inversion. The thin, pale fluid labeled Fancy or Grade A Light Amber commands the highest prices. It is the white bread of condiments, an inoffensive accompaniment to more flavorful fare. The robust, thick syrup marked Grade B fairly bursts with maple flavor, but sells at a significant discount. So why does the nominally inferior grade offer decidedly superior flavor? The answer lies in the history of maple syrup, a product that has long served as a symbol of American authenticity. As our sense of American identity has evolved, our syrup labels have not always kept pace.

The above image is from Best Made Co. "Big Jug" of Pure Organic Maple Syrup available for sale on their site.

Aside from making the best maple syrup we have ever tasted, North Family is a small 60 year old, New Hampshire based family-owned business that harvests their syrup using renewable energy, biodiesel and sustainably harvested firewood. This certified organic medium amber maple syrup was made exclusively for Best Made.



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