Reverse: A Space Odyssey 2011 by Helmut Kool


Mon, Oct 24th, 2011 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

From the director's description on his Vimeo page:

The movie "Reverse" has been exclusively produced by means of analogue techniques. Hence, all object movements are based on physical forces within their real environment. Purpose of this cinematic experiment is to circumscribe 3D simulation, thus showing which possibilities we as designers can find in reality. Contemporaneously, the movie is oriented towards digital simulations by adopting their specific look, thereby creating an atmosphere which, at a first glance, does not allow for a distinction whether the images are of digital or analogue nature. Since the movie reverses the typical approach of most 3D simulated movies, in particular to purport reality, it is named "Reverse". Its additional subtitle "a space odyssey 2011" refers to the shown journey through theories of time and space.



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