Steve Jobs Wasn't Great; He Wasn't Even Close


Thu, Oct 13th, 2011 10:00 by capnasty NEWS

Sure to upset some of Apple's most dedicated fanboys, in this article in DNA India, Neeraj Thakur opines that Steve Job was nothing more than a great marketer that "could make people go crazy about his company's products".

From his article:

The man who invented the polio vaccine, Jonas Edward Salk, decided not to patent his invention. After seven years of rigorous research, when he had the chance to become a billionaire, much like Jobs did, he refused to do so. When someone asked him 'Who owns the patent of the vaccine, he replied, 'Can anyone patent the sun?' In civilisation's history of one individual bettering the lives of fellow humans, can Jobs stand anywhere close to Salk?

Jobs did not even eradicate poverty with the immense wealth he accumulated by selling his so-called great products, invented by scientists who worked in his company. Instead, he rather stopped all philanthropist activity by Apple in 1997, saying philanthropy can 'wait until we are profitable.' Today, Apple is one of the world's most valued companies (sitting on $40 billion cash) and ironically, it is perhaps the only one in its category that has no philanthropic contribution worth talking about.



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