Mexico: Marriage Commitments Like Cellphone Contracts


Wed, Oct 5th, 2011 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

There is a proposal by Mexican leftists -- the same people that have legalized gay marriage -- to allow for newly wed couples to decide on the length of their commitment. At the end of the contract, the couples either renew or ... simply cancel their marriage.

The minimum marriage contract would be for two years and could be renewed if the couple stays happy. The contracts would include provisions on how children and property would be handled if the couple splits.

"The proposal is, when the two-year period is up, if the relationship is not stable or harmonious, the contract simply ends," said Leonel Luna, the Mexico City assemblyman who co-authored the bill.

"You wouldn't have to go through the tortuous process of divorce," said Luna, from the leftist Party of the Democratic Revolution, which has the most seats in the 66-member chamber.



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