Here We Go Again: Can You Get a Day's Work Done on the iPad? Yes You Can. Sorta


Sun, Sep 18th, 2011 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

Ars Technica's writer Jacqui Cheng decided to try what I would've had thought was a pointless masochistic test: see if the iPad had matured enough to be used to get everything she needed doing at work done.

To my dismay, yes, you can.

But it's not all lol-kittenz in iPad-land and, personally, if this is what I had to do to get stuff done, there would be one very broken, smashed up tablet by the end of the day:

As I wrote in the original iPad review, using a hardware keyboard with the iPad is a challenging UI experience because some traditional Mac keyboard commands work on the iPad, but not all of them do. So, while I could use the keyboard to easily copy and paste, control the volume, tab through fields in Safari, and perform other tasks, I could not do the one thing I kept trying to do in earnest for 10 hours: switch between apps using Command + Tab. Describing this experience in prose doesn't even approximate the actual feeling of insanity I experienced as I hit Command + Tab subconsciously, then resigned myself to reaching out and hitting the home button twice so I could access the iPad's application drawer. Every. Single. Time.



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