The Market Has Spoken: Climate Change is Real


Mon, Sep 12th, 2011 10:00 by capnasty NEWS

When you consider that the Republican's agenda is all about calling climate change nonsense, it is downright ironic when businesses are actually making it part of their business model in order to survive.

From this article on Business Week:

Politicians have been known to dissemble about risk because voters don't generally like to hear bad news. The insurance industry makes its money telling it to you straight -- how long you'll likely live, what price your home will fetch, whether to repair or trade in your car. For this reason it's worth noting that insurers already factor climate change into their models for measuring, pricing, and distributing risk. Insurers have no incentive to lie. If they are more scared than they should be in pricing risk, shareholders will punish them. If they aren't scared enough, nature will do the job.

No one can say for certain that any single weather event flows from the warmer air caused by carbon emissions, which in turn leads to more rainfall, floods, and snowfall over some parts of the planet and more severe droughts in other parts. But last year was the hottest on record. Arctic ice is at record low levels. Regardless of what politicians say, insurers must factor all this into premiums.



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