Remembering 9/11


Sun, Sep 11th, 2011 16:49 by capnasty NEWS

Ten years ago, the World Trade Centre was subjected to one of the most horrific terrorist attacks, an attack that is still fresh to this day in the minds of many. In this article published ten years ago on CON.CA, Eric Rosenfield recalls the events he witnessed first hand.

I am holding in my hands a piece of paper from the World Trade Center that I found lying on the ground in the financial district. It is an expense report from a company called "Cantor Fitzgerald", written by a man named David R. Meyer.

The Cantor Fitzgerald Web Site is down, but according to a cached Google page it is "historically known as one of the largest third market firms", and according to another cached google page it was located in the World Trade Center. There are names of people on this document and on these web pages who are probably dead now. How this piece of paper, along with the many hundreds I saw with it in the very heart of the disaster area, are in such good condition, I can only speculate.

We had to jump a fence to get that close to the sight. It was Benjamin, two friends of his and myself, all of us determined to see how close we could get to the carnage. At Houston street I was very gung ho about it; I was thinking of myself as real investigative journalist, going to do some real investigative journalistic coverage of the greatest man-made disaster of my lifetime. A disaster I had happened to see out my own window.



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