America is Turning Into One Big, Giant Coffee Shop


Fri, Aug 26th, 2011 10:00 by capnasty NEWS

In this article in The Guardian, Chris McGreal tries to find out what's causing crime rates to steadily drop in the United States. There are many theories out there, but none which seem to make sense when examined more deeply.

The article starts with this particular gem:

On one of the lifeless, uniform streets of America's capital, a bulky former crack cocaine dealer who goes by the nom de guerre of Tiny laments the passing of the old Washington DC.

"Back then they called it the murder capital of the world. These few blocks here were the murder capital of the murder capital of the world, and right here's where I did my business. Made a lot of money too," he says, hovering on a corner in the mostly black Trinidad neighbourhood a few blocks north of that largely white citadel, the Capitol. "Even sold it down by the White House. Could do anything back then. We owned this city. Now it's like everywhere else. One giant coffee shop."

Maybe a coffee is all that stands between chaos and civilization.



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