Happy Birthday: the Personal Computer Turns 30


Fri, Aug 12th, 2011 12:21 by capnasty NEWS

IBM introduced the personal computer, the IBM 5150, on August 12, 1981. The machine, which by today's standards had as much computing power as a light switch, was so successful that it became synonymous with the term personal computer -- today we just call it "the easy access to internet porn" device.

IBM vice president C. B. Rogers had no idea what a revolution he was about to unleash on the world when he announced its arrival:

"This is a computer for just about everyone who has ever wanted a personal system at the officer, on the university campus or at home. We believe its performance, reliability and ease of use make it the most advanced, affordable personal computer in the marketplace."

Website InformationWeek details the history of the IMB 5150 while V3.co.uk does an extensive review of what made that machine tick.



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