Turn Your Dead Grandpa Into Bullets


Wed, Aug 3rd, 2011 10:00 by capnasty NEWS

What to do when grandpa dies? You could buy a coffin and bury him, but that's soooooo boring. Why not turn him into bullets you can actually fire? Well, you can, thanks to this service by Holy Smokes.

From this article on American Rifleman:

A company called Holy Smoke LLC is offering custom-loaded ammunition that includes the ashes of a dearly departed."Now you can plan your loved one's final arrangements in a way that not only celebrates his or her life but also reflects that person's passions and interests," says a press release from Holy Smoke.

"We can help you honor the deceased outdoors person with a unique memorial that commemorates his or her love for shooting sports. Have your loved one's cremated ash placed in live-ammunition so you can share one more round of clay targets, one last bird hunt or one last hunt," the news release continues.

imply tell the folks at Holy Smoke what type of hunting or shooting the deceased practiced, and they can help you decide what will best suit your needs.



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