The Idiot's Guide to Nuclear Weapons


Tue, Apr 16th, 2002 21:04 by capnasty NEWS

United Kingdom's Ministry of Defence (MoD) is checking whether the allegations that a detailed guide on how to build a nuclear weapon, has been available in a public records office for all to see, are actually true.

The document, so make the claims, are for the construction of the Blue Danube, the first British atomic bomb, which was built in the late 1940s.

A spokesman for the MoD said that there are very strict rules on what gets released to the public. "We would not just put any document in the public domain."

For those that can't take advantage of their local public records office but somehow managed to get their hands on some weapon grade plutonium, CoN provides you with this very handy guide: Build your own A-Bomb.



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