Wearable Mind-Controlled Cat Ears


Thu, May 19th, 2011 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

If you're not Italian -- and therefore incapable of expressing yourself with your hands, facial expressions and quotes from The Sopranos -- you might want to get yourself a Neconimi, a set of cat ears you can wear that are controlled from signals it picks up from your brain.

According to website Japan Trends, Japanese fashion company Neurowear has created these ears to allow the wearer to better express his or her emotions without talking.

As the article explains:

Advertising it as a new communication tool that "augments the human body and ability," the website introduces the product as a fashion item and gadget that uses brainwaves and other biosensors. Designed obviously for the cutesy Japanese market with its cat ear shape (neco and mimi being the words for cat and ear) the ears mimic a cat's ears as they wiggle and rise with the wearers emotional state, for example rising in anticipation of eating a delicious cookie, or drop down when relaxed.

I should get one for my cat and see what happens.



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