Get Your Quantum Entanglement Marriage With Free Particle Beam Service


Thu, May 12th, 2011 10:00 by capnasty NEWS

If you understand every single nerdy joke in The Big Bang Theory and you think that Jean Luc Picard is the hottest, smartest man of science fiction, you might want to consider getting a particle beam marriage -- where your wedding certificate is a quantum entanglement. As Lesley Ciarula Taylor of the Toronto Star explains:

"Subatomic particles joined by quantum entanglement are one and the same even if separated by a whole universe," Jonathon Keats told the Star on Friday. "This is not just a romantic metaphor. It's what marriage should be about."

Keats, acclaimed as a "poet of ideas" by New Yorker magazine, will install a particle beam splitter at the AC Institute gallery in Manhattan's Chelsea district from May 12 to June 18, available six days a week for anyone who wants to join themselves in a molecular way.

Once two or more people are entangled, they can live in different cities or countries without breaking the bond. A change to one affects the other. As is the case in quantum physics, measuring the entanglement, said Keats, will undo it.



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