Hong Kong Airlines Will Kick Your Ass


Fri, Apr 22nd, 2011 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

I know that travelling by plane on seats that a legless midget would find small isn't exactly fun, but you better keep your head down and mouth shut. According to The Guardian, Hong Kong Airlines is training its cabin crew on the use of martial arts in order to deal with unruly passengers. Reportedly, it's working:

According to the airline, wing chun -- which may have its origins in the mythical tale of a young woman, Yim Wing Chun, who used the technique to defeat her warlord suitor in a boxing match -- is ideal for in-flight combat, because it employs short, swift movements and can be practised in a confined space. Two weeks ago, a female crew member apparently put her wing chun training to the test, successfully subduing a difficult male passenger on a flight from Beijing.

"Normally, female cabin crew can't handle a fat guy, especially if he's drunk," Eva Chan, a spokeswoman for the airline, explained with admirable candour, "but because of the training, she can handle it quite easily."



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