Ikea as a Rat-Maze


Fri, Apr 8th, 2011 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

You know how casinos, says Christopher Shea from the The Wall Street Journal, are designed to prevent you from determining just how much time you're spending there, never mind where the exit is? Well, Ikea seems to follow a similar recipe to keep you trapped for what seems a never-ending rat-maze:

But much more salient, to me at least, is the infuriating design of Ikea stores. Invariably, my wife and I separate at some point and then, once I'm done browsing, I end up spending 20 minutes walking in circles trying to find the route back to children?s furniture (or some other designated meeting spot). I wind up passing the same mock studio apartment half a dozen times, blood pressure rising with each new sighting.

This confusion is carefully planned and orchestrated by Ikea, explained Alan Penn, a professor of architectural computing at University College London, in a recent lecture, in which he makes use of some very cool maps and digitized models of customer flow. One result of Ikea?s rat-maze design: 60% of the things people buy there were not on their original shopping list.

Reminds me of the IKEA Walkthrough.



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