2/3rds of US Corporations Pay Zero Federal Taxes


Sat, Apr 2nd, 2011 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

In these times of financial austerity, governments and politicians are asking the common citizen to make sacrifices for the benefit of the country. While such a call may be fair, a significant chunk of the needed cash could be obtained from simply taxing many of the U.S. Corporations that, despite profits in the millions -- and in some cases, billions -- keep on paying no taxes. It's no wonder why the U.S. Government is in the trillions of debt.

"I'm tired of people calling for shared sacrifice and it's all coming from the workers and nothing's coming from the top," says protester Dave Sonenberg. "I'm sick of companies like Bank of America not paying their taxes."

But wait, you're asking, how can not paying taxes even be legal? It's legal in the United States because big corporations can afford to buy congressman who, in turn, change the laws in their favour. Realizing the level of corruption in Capitol Hill is beyond redemption, US Uncut protesters are going directly to the offenders:

"The reason it's not illegal is because they have bought and paid for the people who make the laws. The laws are made to accommodate this sort of nefariousness," he says, adding that the process is wrong, and ordinarily that would mean approaching Congress to ask them to fix it, but there's no point in attempting that when the system is so heavily rigged in favor of the rich and well connected. "So what US Uncut is doing right now is not Capitol Hill lobbying because that doesn't seem like it's a fruitful avenue. It's trying to directly undermine the ability of Bank of America to earn record windfall profits by depleting the public trust that they are an upstanding member of society."

It must suck to live in a country that stomps around the world crying out for the rights of people, but that back at home is more corrupt than India.



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