Travelling Without Any Baggage


Fri, Mar 25th, 2011 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

And I don't mean emotional. Website The Technium has this piece on travelling with no luggage -- none whatsoever -- and whether it can be done.

I've done it. Traveling with no bags is gloriously liberating. You move fast, close to the ground, spontaneously. You feel unleashed, undefined by your possessions. It is just you and the world. I am convinced that with less stuff to manage you think different. You learn lots, fast.

I've done a few very short trips this way, and once I took a month-long journey in Sri Lanka without baggage. I would not want to travel this way all the time, but once you go with none, it is much easier to go with very little. It's one of the oldest truism in the world: the less you travel with, the more you take back.

Seems like an insane idea to travel, but the article brings to attention the example of Jonathan Yevin (that's him, in the image), who travelled for a month in Latin America carrying just a passport, a toothbrush, some cash, a cell phone and the clothes he was wearing. He wrote of his adventures in Budget Travel, and it's seriously worth a read if you're considering this.



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