Sounds Like Internet Explorer 9 is the New Internet Explorer 6, Only Worse


Sun, Mar 20th, 2011 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

It was really nice of Microsoft to encourage people to give up IE6 and upgrade to the 21st century. This may have seemed like a noble attempt at making the life of web developers everywhere less of a stinking nightmare and more of a process of adopting to the latest hypertext semantics. Imagine! Building a website and it works on every platform and on every browser -- that day is finally here!

Or maybe not. Web developer Alexander Dawson decided to download Internet Explorer 9 and take it for a spin. Although IE9 installed and performed like any other modern browser equivalent, as soon as Dawson visited a website with a more elaborate (but correctly syntaxed) code structure and layout, things looked like they came straight from hell -- or Internet Explorer 6's rendering abilities.

At this point, I did what many in my situation would do: I screamed "Nnnoooooooo!!" so loudly that a dog in the street barked in response.

Dawson fears that with how slow Microsoft has been in updating its browser, IE9 may well become the IE6 of 2020.



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