What "Cosmopolitan" for Jihadi Women Looks Like


Wed, Mar 16th, 2011 10:00 by capnasty NEWS

The Islamist propaganda machine, which already had made the news for putting together a slick online magazine called Inspire aimed at encouraging terrorism among young Muslims in the West, is at it again -- only this time it's targeting Muslim women. The magazine, called al-Shamikha (Majestic Woman) -- but dubbed Jihad Cosmo by British newspapers -- teaches Islamic women from the use of skin care, how to find Mr. Right, all the way on tips and tricks to raise proper Jihadist children. From this article in the Toronto Star:

Interviews, fictional journal excerpts, poems and letters are dedicated to teaching women the life of jihad, or holy war; how to bring up their children as jihadists; how to fight; how to build bombs; and how to become suicide bombers, according to an introduction by the publishers [...].

In one interview, a woman extols her glorious marriage to a jihad fighter who was killed and how she broke the happy news to her children.

George Carlin once said that if four people are doing something, there's a magazine for it. These days, if one person doing something, there's an online magazine for it.



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