Movie Are Just Going to Keep on Sucking and It's "Top Gun"'s Fault


Tue, Mar 8th, 2011 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

Mark Harris, in this article on GQ magazine, is arguing that Hollywood films aren't going to get better anytime soon. In fact, so bad things are right now, that Harris predicts that what once was a great American art form, will be potentially killed by the hands of studio executives who shaped their childhood on movies like Top Gun.

Top Gun landed directly in the cortexes of a generation of young moviegoers whose attention spans and narrative tastes were already being recalibrated by MTV and video games. That generation of 16-to-24-year-olds-- the guys who felt the rush of Top Gun because it was custom-built to excite them -- is now in its forties, exactly the age of many mid- and upper-midrange studio executives. And increasingly, it is their taste, their appetite, and the aesthetic of their late-'80s postadolescence that is shaping moviemaking. Which may be a brutally unfair generalization, but also leads to a legitimate question: Who would you rather have in charge -- someone whose definition of a classic is Jaws or someone whose definition of a classic is Top Gun?

There, now you have one more reason -- besides the awful hairdos -- as to why the 80s sucked.



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