Reader's Pool: Results


Mon, Apr 14th, 1997 03:00 by capnasty NEWS

Ok, I have a little reader's poll:
What do you all think of tongue piercing? Or piercing in general?
Sexy or not?


Poll Results:

Del Piero

I will admit that I used to think that any piercing outside of the ear was sick, but I've slowly come to find belly piercing sexy. Something about it just appeals to me. I was at a club recently (in San Francisco) and I couldn't help but notice that a woman I was dancing with had her belly pierced. She, naturally, was wearing and half-top to show it off, and it really got to me. Am I weird? I still think that tongue piercing is a bit much, and nose piercing never really did anything for me.


Sandra Pereira

I can't answer that on account it can and will be used against me when I'm arrested.



Ironically I was thinking of piercing myself, especially after seeing the Hunchback of Notre Dame. God, that goat is sexy with that pierced ear, don't you think? And I wonder if Esmeralda has a pierced belly. I wouldn't want to be pierced by a philum though, I'll tell you that much. I wouldn't want to get my genitals pierced, since I travel a lot by plane. Each time I'd be checked, the metal detector would go off and I'd have to show them what is it that set it off...



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