After Tunisia and Egypt, the Unrest Spreads to Bahrain, Libya, Algeria, Yemen and Iran


Mon, Feb 14th, 2011 12:30 by capnasty NEWS

The Egyptian protests were not a last minute thing done with no planing, but a two-year in-the-making process, led by bloggers and based on Facebook. Their goal was to spread democracy in a region without it:

Young Egyptian and Tunisian activists brainstormed on the use of technology to evade surveillance, commiserated about torture and traded practical tips on how to stand up to rubber bullets and organize barricades.

The results of these successful protests has not gone unnoticed: protesters are currently facing off police in Yemen, Bahrain and Algeria, with more demonstrations being planned in Iran and Lybia, all demanding similar political reforms. With rumour that oil is running out in the Middle East, The Economist predicts that these interesting times are far from over.

As you can see in the video above, Iranian protesters are making barricades in Tehran. Follow The Guardian for constantly updated news on the Middle East's unrest.



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