The Facebook Fad is Coming to an End


Thu, Feb 3rd, 2011 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

According to Fox News, a recent cash infusion of $1.5 billion from Goldman, Sachs and others means that Facebook now has an estimated market valuation of approximately $50 billion. In fact, so big is the hype behind the social media company that according to SharePosts, Facebook is worth over $82 billion -- making Amazon look like spare change.

But, argues John R. Quain, Facebook's days might be soon coming to an end:

Facebook started out as a simple, fun place to digitally cavort and post silly, unflattering pictures of one another. It quickly transformed into a miasma of lurking dangers, threats to our personal security and safety, and a great way to get fired -- or worse, prosecuted for goodness-knows-what. Everyone should be a little more cautious about the "social" part of social networking, these days, and for good reason.

And with the private information on Facebook being increasingly used in court, users are now thinking twice about what they post online.



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