Steve Jobs Takes Medical Leave; Meanwhile In His Factories People Are Worked Until They Drop Dead


Mon, Jan 17th, 2011 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

In case you didn't hear it from news outlets and every single Apple user that tweeted about it, Steve Jobs is sick and he's taking a medical leave of absence. While we're always sorry to hear of anyone having issues related to their health, I'm certain he will be given the best care money can buy.

Unfortunately, as reported by Johann Hari, not everybody is as lucky as Steve.

Workers at Foxconn, the company made famous for having the highest rate of worker suicides, have working conditions that are so insane, Johann estimates that 600,000 employees are worked to death every year; they're paid a meagre 31 cents per hour while working 35 hour shifts. And if anyone tries to form a union, they'll get 12 years in prison. All to make you that overpriced iPhone of yours.



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