Canada is Racist for Selling Edibile Seal Products to the Chinese


Fri, Jan 14th, 2011 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Canada, a vast and cold country populated by heartless baby-seal killers -- or so we're told -- is now being accused by Chinese activists of being racist and suffering from a "cultural imperialistic attitude" because they're selling seal oil, hearts and other meat to China. From this article in the Guardian:

"[...] It is insulting for Canada to market these products in China," said professor Lu Di, director of China Small Animal Protection Association. "The perception of Canada's sealing industry that the Chinese eat everything and the Chinese people do not care about animal suffering is indicative of the racist and cultural imperialistic attitude towards non-western societies still held by some Canadians."

However, some might disagree with his views.

Meanwhile, Canada's seal hunting business is small and manned mostly by members of the Inuit community, a native group of people that have traditionally hunted the mammal for a living even before we came along and called their country ours.



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