The End of the Movie Theatre Projectionist


Thu, Jan 6th, 2011 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

On, Gary Hendrix wrote this gem of an article about the dying profession of the projectionist, the unseen people that handle the projectors used in cinemas.

Over the last decades, technology has gradually improved to the point where each aspect of the work involved can be handled by a single minimum-wage paid worker. In fact, those multiplex cinemas just require one person to keep all their dozen-or-so screens in running order. That is, until digital technology will completely replace them, too.

The image of technology replacing humans used to be that of a robot arm replacing union guys on automobile production lines, but the auto unions have largely survived intact. It's projectionist unions that have been hit hardest, and these days technology and a concerted effort on the part of theatre chains to eliminate union labour have resulted in the death of projection as a career.



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