Medieval Warfare Was Just as Terrifying as You Might Imagine


Thu, Dec 30th, 2010 10:00 by capnasty NEWS

While doing some work at Towton Hall, builders discovered a mass grave of medieval soldiers. Archaeologists from the University of Bradford, who were investigating the skeletons, are definitely sure of one thing: medieval warfare was probably as bad as a day at the office. Or worse:

"The skeletons had clearly been the victims of great violence. Many display the same frenzied wounding as Towton 25. 'Imagine one of those movie scenes with people closing in on a cornered individual,' says Christopher Knüsel, one of the original team of archaeologists and now at the University of Exeter. 'Usually the camera has to pan away because you cannot show some things. Here you see it.' The location of the bodies, and subsequent carbon-dating, linked them conclusively to the battle of Towton."

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