Apple Sued Over #iPhone Privacy (via @torontostar)


Wed, Dec 29th, 2010 09:53 by capnasty NEWS

Ignoring your privacy and selling your data to third-party advertisers? There's an app for that.

More than one, as a matter of fact. According to this Wall Street Journal article, breaching your privacy isn't just for Facebook anymore: the third-party software we download for our smartphones is actually "sharing personal data widely and regularly".

And, if you're an Apple zealot, you'll be glad to know that "iPhone apps transmitted more data than apps on phones using Google's Android operating system". Of particular concern is Apple's use of the Unique Device ID, which allows third-party advertisers to better track mobile device users' online activities.

Over these privacy concerns, two separate groups of iPhone and iPad users have sued Apple for allowing apps to nonchalantly divulge personal information to advertisers without consent. Time to trash my smartphone and dust-off my old bare-bones flip-phone.



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