What To Do With Saddam Hussein's Blood Quran?


Wed, Dec 22nd, 2010 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Maybe in the hopes to receive divine forgiveness for crimes committed and to show his "gratitude" to God, in the late 90s, Saddam Hussein enlisted a calligrapher to copy the Quran using 27 litres of his blood as ink.

Saddam is now gone, but the holy book remains, raising the question: what to do with a Quran that's both sacred... and profane? While using blood for art is nothing new -- it is in fact a tradition that goes as far back as primitive men painting on cave walls -- should it be destroyed because of religious taboos behind the use bodily fluids? Should it be kept because of its religious passages? Or should it be destroyed because it's made out the blood of a ruthless dictator in a brutal regime?



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