If Having Kids is Legitimate Choice, Why Isn't NOT Having Them? (via @TorontoStar)


Sat, Dec 18th, 2010 19:00 by capnasty NEWS

Josey Vogels doesn't want kids. She never has. She never will. When she explains this, she feels obligated to justify herself to the stupefied listener that "It's not that I don't like kids ... blah, blah, blah." But who is she kidding?"The truth is I'm not a big fan. Okay, I guess I like some kids, just like I like some people. But somehow, while it's okay to not go gaga over every person you meet, I feel obliged to at least pretend I like people's kids when I meet them. Even as they're drawing on my couch. Or getting their mother's attention by shoving a crayon up her nose while I'm trying to have an adult conversation with her."

With the world's population approaching on 8 billion, she doesn't think she's being anti-children, egocentric and selfish. And if she was, well, so are you. Here's why.



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