Bartenders and Mixologists Are Elitist Bastards Who Deserve Your Hate


Sat, Dec 18th, 2010 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

When she walks into a SoHo gallery, explains Sarah Deming of The Threepenny Review, she expects to be snubbed. "One look at my shoe-handbag combo and even the intern knows I can't afford the art. At an alt-rock show in Williamsburg, I am game for shame at the door. I'm not that young anymore, and all my piercings are hidden."

"Basically," shrugs Sara, "if art is on the line, I'm okay with elitism."

But, "When it's a question of sin [...] -- and no matter how much we dress up drinking or call it by a fancy name, it remains just that -- judgement is absurd. People want their sin the way they want it. This is something every drug dealer and pornographer knows, so why can't today's upscale bartenders understand? To the so-called mixologists, I say: Pour up and shut up."



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