A Personal Appeal to Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales: Just Get Advertising Already


Fri, Dec 17th, 2010 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

We've all been to Wikipedia and seen the banners at the top sporting Jimmy Wales' soul-piercing stare asking, no, begging for money. It's admirable that Wales does this because the money he raises allows users to enjoy Wikipedia -- the fifth most popular site in the entire world -- advertising free.

But, argues Jef Otte of The Denver Westword, "We all know advertising is lame and stupid. And these days, it's more prevalent than ever, a constant barrage of loud noises and flashing lights competing for our attention on the television, on the computer, on the radio and even just driving down the street, all toward to goal of cajoling us into convincing us we need products. But that's the trade-off. We demand to be entertained for free, and we pay for it with a portion of our attention."

Otte wants Wales to "stop making the sad eyes at us" and to replace his "sensitive mug with a Steak 'n' Shake ad or something, and start making advertisers pay for people to have stuff for free and not feel bad about it. It's the Internets way."



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