Gleeful Banking


Fri, Feb 15th, 2002 21:37 by capnasty NEWS

As reported by, Halifax Share Dealing sent out 15,000 letters with the wrong contact number for an account hotline.

Customers that called the hotline would be greeted by disco music and a warning that they had reached a gay chat line.

Karen Collins, of Birmingham, admitted of calling twice, thinking she had just dialed the wrong number. "I wanted to discuss my ISA, not meet gay men. It's quite funny, especially as thousands of account holders will have this letter. Perhaps someone will find a date through it."

A spokesman from the Halifax Share Dealing said they would be reviewing their proofreading procedure and "ensure this does not happen again." The company will also write to account holders, apoligizing for the mistake and providing the correct number for the account hotline.



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