Al Qaeda's Online Magazine: A Glossy Approach to Inciting Terrorism


Thu, Dec 2nd, 2010 10:00 by capnasty NEWS

According to The Wall Street Journal, the November special issue of Inspire, a slick new English-language Web magazine produced by Al Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula, aims to do more than report the news. It wants to make news, by inspiring young alienated American Muslims to kill their neighbours.

As I was curious to see what it was all about (think about it: how well must you write to inspire someone to kill someone else? How gullible must you be to do it?) I searched for the Inspire website, but did not find it.

However, more information on where to download a copy can be had on Robert Lindsay's blog, a California-based journalist.

In addition to offering a wealth of fresh details about the attempted bombing of two U.S. cargo planes last month, the third issue of Inspire (the first issue came out in June, the second in October) also provides hard evidence of what many analysts once said was impossible?the growth of homegrown Muslim terrorism in America from a secondary nuisance into a major threat.

To bring down America, "we do not need to strike big," the editors of Inspire boast. "Attacking the enemy with smaller but more frequent operations" will "bleed the enemy"?a strategy of death "by a thousand cuts." One article claims that the recent effort to bomb FedEx and UPS cargo planes, which the magazine calls "Operation Hemorrhage," cost only $4,200: two Nokia phones at $150 each, two H-P printers at $300 each, plus "shipping, transportation and other miscellaneous expenses."



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