A Soldier Talks About What It Is Like to Play "Call of Duty"


Sat, Oct 23rd, 2010 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

Joshua Casteel, who was deployed in Iraq on June 2004, looks at gaming and reality in modern warfare as he explains his own personal experiences in contrast and comparison with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

From the article: "Corporal Dunn tells you how to navigate The Pit. How to change from your rifle to your sidearm, a Desert Eagle .50-cal. You're new to the game, but maybe you're not new to the content. Maybe you're like me, a vet. The Pit is just another timed qualification course, just like back on base, back stateside. You've done this countless times. And the kinesthetics are freaky real. The controller vibrates every time you shoot. And somewhere in the background is that instructor, like a drill instructor, yelling all the right shit at you. Hurry up! Look down your sights! Switch to your sidearm, it's faster than reloading! Holy shit, you say out loud. This isn't a flashback. It's an interactive re-creation. This is fucking scary."



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