Studying Squirrels. Who Masturbate. A Lot.


Thu, Sep 30th, 2010 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Jane Waterman, author of The Adaptive Function of Masturbation in a Promiscuous African Ground Squirrel is currently studying Cape ground squirrels, a type of little chipmunk thingy with testicles that are 20% of their body length (excluding the tail) and with a penis that is more than twice as long.

The squirrels like to get it on and when they're not, they masturbate a lot. The reason for masturbation in humans and animals has many hypothesis, but Waterman thinks all of them are wrong, at least when it comes to Cape ground squirrels. She should know; she spent around 2000 hours spying on the animals with a pair of binoculars, noting every interaction between them, and every sexual act among the local males (that's science for you). Here is what she discovered.



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