Seculars Make Better Neighbours than Religious Believers


Wed, Sep 22nd, 2010 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

Californian sociologist Phil Zuckerman responded with facts rather than witless abuse to claims from Christian psychologists and theologians that atheists were "selfish and pusillanimous curmudgeons", "unnatural" or "just damn angry". He pulled together the available evidence and found that the more atheists or agnostics a free society has the more moral it becomes.

Atheism and secularism, Zuckerman continued, are also correlated with higher levels of education and lower levels of prejudice not only against women and gays, but people from other ethnicities as well. For good measure, atheists were less likely to beat their children and more likely to encourage them to think independently.

And while there is some evidence to suggest that atheists and agnostics are more likely to engage in underage drinking and illicit drug use, the wider conclusion on the links between crime and religious belief holds good: if you want safe streets, move to a godless neighbourhood.



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