What a Mobile Phone for Blind People Could Look Like


Mon, Sep 6th, 2010 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

In today's world, electronics are quickly moving towards a visually stunning interface that can be interacted with one's hands and gestures. But the qualm of the current technology is its lack of texture: while this can make it difficult (but not impossible) to manipulate an object on the screen, the blind or the visually impaired are completely left behind by these advancement. Nikko Van Stolk's research on electrotactile technology could bridge that gap.

Altough the technology is still early in its development, he notes that "test subjects were able to recognize basic shapes using only their sense of touch across an array of conductive pins. Tactile is a future application of this technology, which engages the sense of touch by sending digital information as pulses (beats) of electricity to the user's fingertips to simulate texture."



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