The End of the Laptop Stickers


Sat, Sep 4th, 2010 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

David Pogue laments a problem every laptop buyer experiences: "When you buy a new Windows PC, as you probably know, it comes festooned with little (or not so little) stickers on the palm rests. There's one for Windows, one for Skype, one for Intel, one for the laptop company, maybe an Energy Star sticker and so on [...] it's like buying a new, luxury car -- and discovering that it comes with nonremovable bumper stickers that promote the motor oil, the floor mat maker, the windshield-fluid company and the pine tree air freshener you have no intention of ever using".

But those stickers -- miniature advertising, if you will -- is big bucks, so it's not going anywhere. As such, A.M.D. has decided that starting next year, those stickers will be made easy to remove without leaving any gooey, sticky crud behind; better yet, by the year after, its considering eliminating the sticker program altogether. Read the full article on the New York Times here.



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