Why Americans Hate Canadian Health Care


Wed, Aug 18th, 2010 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

"The American right thinks the Canadian health care system is some sort of socialist plot," writes The Mark's Ian Capstick. "Unfortunately, the Obama administration isn't trying to dispel that idea." Ian goes to explain that the general belief is that building a Canadian-style health-care system will dismantle the U.S.' multi-billion dollar defence apparatus.

However, "Canadian health care costs about $180 billion per year, give or take a few billion. That's about as much as the U.S. spent last year procuring 10 new major weapons, including a few new jets, a nuclear submarine, and something called a Space Based Infrared System. Meanwhile, the American government spends 23 per cent more than the Canadian government per capita on health care, even though 46 million U.S. citizens have no coverage at all."



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