Apple announces new iMac


Tue, Jan 8th, 2002 02:26 by capnasty NEWS

We're sure Steve Jobs (and his tight, tight pants) must've been mightypissed off when Time Canada magazineaccidentally posted their story on the new iMac on Sunday, rather than onMonday.

While it was quickly taken off-line and the site quickly redirectedcurious users to, the damage had been done. Many, in fact, hadthe chance to look at it, laugh and go on with the more daunting tasks inour daily lives, like picking our noses.

The iLamp trulydoes look like an appliance more than a computer and with it's cute andunique shape, will attract plenty of dinner table conversations.

Some alternativesuggestions have also been coming up as to it's proper use, if youalready happen to own a lamp.

Let's just hope the new iMac fad passes quickly, lest we forget thatcomputers are powerful tools, not fashion accessories.



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