Bring back Jar Jar


Thu, Jan 3rd, 2002 00:47 by capnasty NEWS

The outcry of some of the weaker elements of Star Wars, Episode1(*cough* Jar Jar *cough*) had made some of us more hopeful thatEpisode 2 may be a little better.

Unfortunately, while the trailer left us utterly discouraged, thelatest discovery in the decision making that is George Lucas,makes Jar Jar look like a shining icon of dignity.

According to The Sun, thanks to George Lucas' 13year old daughter, Katie, NSync band members will make anappearance as Jedis -- Jedis who fortunately get snuffed ratherquickly.

While some of us may find some minor joy in that fact, theconstant reminder that Star Wars, Episode 2 will have one morereason to suck is disappointing. What will be next?Coke advertising? Star Wars, Episode 3: Jedi Alone staring MacAulayCulkin?

Let's pray Katie doesn't get a stiff beating atschool for this stunt. I'm sure her teacher will give her a hardtime. ("An F, teacher? But why?" "Episode 2, bitch! Nowback in the corner!")



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