Mommy, When a Facebook User Dies, Do They Update Their Status from Heaven?


Thu, Aug 12th, 2010 19:00 by capnasty NEWS

One and a half million Facebook users die each year, reports this PcPro article. Twitter faces a similar mortality rate. It's a growing problem for the social-networking sites -- and often even more so for the relatives left behind.

The two main social networks may be addressing the issue, but they are only a small part of peoples' online footprint. Sorting out all the loose ends online can be complicated, which is why companies such as Legacy Locker have found a niche, by providing a service that treats online assets in the same way that a will covers offline provision.

"Today, you get a shoe box full of pictures, tomorrow you will get a Flickr account," said Legacy Locker CEO, Jeremy Toeman in his blog. "Today, you get a diary, tomorrow you will get a blog."



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