5 Things I Learned Cutting Off IM, Twitter, Email and Facebook


Wed, Aug 4th, 2010 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

"The barrage of instant messages bleeping and flashing on your screen, the tweets, the Google alerts, the noise you know means 'you've got mail', the buzz of your phone with text messages arriving, a Facebook messaging arriving ... it's amazing people get ANY work done these days! For a lot of us, those so-called distractions are an integral part of our work," writes Jean Aw, of NotCot.org fame.

"So I tried a little experiment, during a WEEKDAY, no less," she continues. "No instant messenger constantly open; no Tweetdeck constantly feeding me more tweets; no Mail open; no Facebook browsing in my permanently opened tabs. I still couldn't resist spending hours on my laptop, but instead of impulsively checking everything every few MINUTES or keeping everything open, I looked, caught up for a few minutes, then CLOSED them". Here are a few things she learnt.



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