Why Humans are Special and Unique: We Masturbate. A Lot


Sun, Jul 4th, 2010 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

In a now-classic, pre-Internet-porn study by British evolutionary biologists Robin Baker and Mark Bellis, male university students were found to masturbate about every 72 hours, and "on the majority of occasions, their last masturbation is within 48 hours of their next in-pair copulation." This seemingly counterintuitive state of affairs is that because there is a "shelf-life" for sperm cells -- they remain viable for only 5-7 days after production -- and because adult human males manufacture a whopping 3 million sperm per day, masturbation is an evolved strategy for shedding old sperm while making room for new, fitter sperm. It's quality over quantity. Here are the adaptive logistics.



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