5 Most Annoying Comments You Should Never, Ever Use Online


Mon, Jun 7th, 2010 19:59 by capnasty NEWS

Hortense Gorey, a comment moderator for more than two years at the hip femme site Jezebel.com, would like people to shut up and stop utilizing certain overused phrases over and over again that have ultimately lost their original emphasis/meaning. They may have had a point once, but now these five "have overstayed their welcome by at least four years," she says. Here is her list and her polite, desperate reasons.

THIS: It's a more enthusiastic way to say, ?Yes, I agree, you've completely captured my thoughts on this subject and expressed them in a way I couldn't quite express myself. Thank you, fellow Internet user. You are correct, and I appreciate your input.? But ?THIS? can actually be detrimental to a conversation, especially when the THIS! poster only posts that one word, and nothing else. Yeah, you agree, but why? Why can't it be THAT?



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