It's Better Than Red Bull: Polyphasic Sleeping and Exams


Mon, Apr 5th, 2010 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

"If you're a student", writes Manchester-based Theology student and fellow geek Sarah McCulloh, "polyphasic sleeping, or taking a series of naps over a period of time instead of sleeping for nine hour blocks at night, is pretty useful when you have assessments on". Here is how she did it.

One thing that a lot of polyphasic sleepers and anti-polyphasic writers like to mention is that going polyphasic damages your memory recall for a month or two after you first adapt to it. What they mention much more rarely, however, is that although it takes longer to recall things, it is a lot easier to memorise them in the first place. Because of the amount of time I had to spend on my coursework, this semester’s exam revision had to be crammed into the day and night beforehand. I sat down and spent 12 solid hours looking up facts, writing down dates and quotations, and then memorised them all. I used 23 different quotations in my essay; some were indeed difficult to recall and took half a minute or so to come back to me, and I had to give up trying to remember one, but I got them all down: I scored a 75. Polyphasic for the win.



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