Canada is for Cowards, says Russia


Thu, Feb 25th, 2010 11:13 by capnasty NEWS

The next Winter Olympics is shaping up as a Cold War-style battle between Canada and Russia after a blistering editorial in Pravda labelled Canada as a nation of cowardly, incompetent war criminals.

We all know Canada has problems with the future lines drawn on Arctic maps and we all know Canada lives in the shadow of its larger neighbour to the south,? he writes about something we don?t all know.

Had he left it there, we might have shrugged it off. But then it gets personal.

?The abject cruelty shown by Canadian soldiers in international conflicts is scantily referred to, as indeed is the utter incapacity of this county to host a major international event, due to its inferiority complex, born of a trauma being the skinny and weakling bro to a beefy United States and a colonial outpost to the United Kingdom, whose Queen smiles happily from Canadian postage stamps.?



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